Another action-packed month at the RSP…

Welcome to the RSP Blog!!

Phew, June’s been an action packed month, and it’s not over yet!  Firstly there was the Summer School, at which we were blessed with glorious weather, fantastic speakers and a great level of delegate participation.  The week after that it was off to Manchester to attend the ARMA annual conference.  That was followed by an outreach visit to the Institute of Development Studies at the University of Sussex.  Last week we attended the JISC event at Universities UK to launch Alma Swan’s report into the economics of open access, followed by the launch of ARRO, Anglia Ruskin’s new Repository.  On Friday I’m off to the REF event at King’s College London.  Next week it’s back to RSP HQ followed by some well-earned annual leave.  Then of course it’s July and off to Madrid for Open Repositories 2010

It was with great pleasure that I returned to my desk to see that registrations are rolling in for our forthcoming training event for Repository Administrators.   Many institutions have a number of people working on their repositories and I think it is important that everyone involved is given adequate training, the opportunity to build professional networks and knows the background to why it is they are doing this work.

Other events in planning include a one-day training/professional briefing session on open access for librarians, and a possible session for researchers which may be co-organised with the fantastic team at RIN.

Well, I mustn’t go on as there’s plenty to be getting on with, and I’m up to my eyes in stuff to do forthe RSP and for UKCoRR.   I hope you enjoy our blog and find our posts useful and informative!

P.S. I was browsing Flickr to get an image to accompany this post and found this interesting image.  It’s not quite what I was looking for but Flickr is basically a repository and it reminded me of the serendipitous nature of browsing repositories.  Not wishing to be morbid, but I think it also bears a timely reminder of the dangers of not investing in information for the future. :o)


2 Responses to Another action-packed month at the RSP…

  1. Matt says:

    welcome to the blogosphere 🙂 enjoy your break and enjoy OR2010 – it looks like a great event..

  2. Stephanie Taylor says:

    RSP was certainly busy in June, and I’ve been hearing great reports about the Summer School! See you at OR10 🙂

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