DataShare at Edinburgh

Readers may be interested to have a look at the DataShare service at Edinburgh University. This repository allows researchers to “deposit, share, and license their data resources for online discovery and use by others, either openly or in a controlled way if requested”. It arose out of a JISC funded project in the Repositories and Preservation Programme.

I know from conversations that many repository managers are being approached by people in their institutions for help with storing datasets. It will be interesting to see how successful DataShare is in encouraging deposit. The survey on Scottish Witchcraft is intriguing! And for those working in/studying repositories the results of surveys of attitudes to open access and institutional repositories among academic authors, senior managers and technical staff would be useful.

About Jackie Wickham
I am based at the Centre for Research Communications at the University of Nottingham. I work on the JISC funded Repositories Support Project which supports the development and growth of the UK repositories network.

2 Responses to DataShare at Edinburgh

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  2. Robin Rice says:

    Thanks for this profile on Edinburgh DataShare, Jackie. I’m particularly glad that a survey lodged in the repository was useful to you, as we want to emphasise re-use and, re-purposing!

    Our target is to add 6 new data collections to the repository this year. That may sound modest, but many researchers here still don’t know the repository exists, as deposit is entirely voluntary, and a lot of them have not yet given much thought to sharing their data openly. We have added some guidance about deposit under the About page and will soon add an explanatory page about open data licensing, but we also find that face to face meetings with potential depositors are very useful at this stage.

    If other repository managers are interested in the policy decisions that relate to accepting datasets, we wrote a Guide on this topic for the JISC project you mentioned.

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