Open Access week: whats happening in the UK

Last week I asked repository managers in the UK to let me know what they are doing this week to promote open access in their institutions as part of SPARC’s International Open Access week. I’ve had a really good response and I’ve listed below a summary  of activities (in no particular order) – if yours isn’t there please add it as a comment. There are so many events and imaginative projects which will really help to raise the profile of open access. Well done UK repository staff! You can also check out the JISC OA week site for managers and researchers which will focus on a different aspect of OA on each day.

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Google Doodle for Open Access Week 2010?

Open Access Week 2010 will run from 18th to 24th October and in the Centre for Research Communications we’ve been thinking of ways that we can help to promote the event. One suggestion has been to encourage the OA community to lobby Google to create a Doodle for the event. If you’re interested in helping why not join in the campaign by droping an email to