RSP Institutional Repositories Summary Data: An update

In May 2011 the Repositories Support Project (RSP) sent a survey to HEI repository staff to collect information about their repositories, such as the software used, staffing, content, and departmental repository responsibilities.  Each university’s specific information was included in the RSP Wiki for Institutional Repositories, and a summary data page was created. Around November 2001, the survey had 75 responses and from then until March 2013, about twenty more UK universities joined the survey. The updated summary data are now online.


* This picture is from the Public Domain Images.

A comparison between the summary data of November 2011 and today can reveal if there are any shifts in the repositories landscape. The EPrints software has gained more users, with ten more institutions using it, while DSpace has five new users. The managerial and administrative whole time equivalent (WTE) staff almost doubled, but the technical staff remained steady.  The percentage of the total number of staff who work in the repository either full time or part time, their departmental affiliation and their UKCoRR membership remained the same too.

The level of mediated deposits did not bring any surprises either, with the percentages being similar for 2011 and 2013 for all categories (a. fully (19%), b. partially (53%), c. none (6%), d. level of mediation varies according to department (23%)).  The percentage of full-text in the repositories is 56.21%, which increased by 6% and the “percentage of full-text in repositories restricted to those that accept metadata only items” decreased by almost 3%. In addition, the percentage of institutions that have “a policy or mandate for submissions of research publications into the institutional repository” increased a little bit more than 3%. For both cases, the vast majority of the types of content included into the repository are research articles, conference papers, books and thesis and the least are learning resources, software and datasets. Nonetheless, there is a slight decrease (1.5%) in the 2013 data on mandated e-Theses policies.

Regarding the integration of research management systems into the repository, the percentages as they were formulated by the data remain the same in both cases. The vast majority are either “partially-in the progress of implementation” or “planned but not in progress”, and only a small amount, 15% in 2013 is “already integrated”. Libraries are still accountable for running of the repositories, with an 82% in 2013 and an 86% in 2011. The percentages for the research offices and the IT departments remained steady, but there was a slight increase (n=8 in 2011 and n=15 in 2013) in the “Other (includes joint lead, particular school, etc.)”. 

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