New RSP Web Site Launched

Screenshot of the brand new RSP web site

The RSP is proud to announce the launch of its new web site featuring a cleaner design and navigation structure. The aim is to make it easier than ever to find the information you need from RSP and to get in touch with us if you would like more direct help with any repository related issues.

The redesign of the site goes far beyond the cosmetic. We have significantly streamlined the content of the site, ensuring fast access to the most essential information and where appropriate we provide links to further sources, in particular the JISC Repositories InfoKit. At the same time the menu system at the top of the page ensures that all this information is only a click or two away.

The streamlining of the site content allows us to focus on what we feel is most important to the UK repositories community at this stage of the RSP project – dynamic, up-to-date news and information on our events programme.

Technically the site is designed to comply with the latest web standards. JavaScript is used to enhance the user experience but built on a philosophy of progressive enhancement, so all the content is still easily accessible to users without JavaScript.

We hope that you like the new design but please feel free to contact us either directly, from the web site or via comments on this post with your feedback.


About Rob Ingram
Rob Ingram is the Technical Officer for the Repositories Support Project offering technical advice and support to UK repository networks.

One Response to New RSP Web Site Launched

  1. Mary Robinson says:

    The new website looks great, well done to the RSP team!

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